Mind-body focus & breath works to activate natural healing that reduce stress, anxiety, pain & more

Our mission is to provide Qigong (Chi-gong) access to everyone.  Qigong provides simple yet powerful exercises, meditation, & flow movements to help you direct life-force energy to specific parts of your body to transform anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health.  

Qigong is a way to increase and balance the body's Qi (energy of the body) by working directly on your body’s meridian system—your energy body. It stimulates and nourishes the internal organs, making the energetic communication between them more efficient.

What Is Qigong?

Qi is the energy, air, breath, or life force that flows through everything in the universe. Gong means practice, skill, refine, use, cultivate, & transfer. The practice of Qigong is to balance & direct our Qi to promote healing in all aspects of life. 

We practice & teach Qigong healing including the 4 dimensions of Medical Qigong. The exercises are elegantly simple and easy for any age and any physical capacity, yet very powerful. Students can practice while lying down, sitting or standing. 

Very quickly, students can tap into their own healing resource and engage with the healer within them to empower themselves.  With simple yet potent Qigong, you can decrease your stress and become a healing presence for others.

Learn to apply Medical Qigong practices to create radiant health and longevity as you mobilize your inner healing resource: your body’s own medicine. This shifts you into being the DESIGNER of your life — It's empowering & uplifting.

Here's a short video briefly explaining what Qigong is. When you practice Qigong daily, you will feel the many health benefits. It will heal your mind, body, and spirit. Check out more of our videos on YouTube at Miraculous Qigong Healing


Qigong Healing Workshops

Qigong Healing Workshops

Qigong Healing Workshops


Monthly workshops for pain, stress and anxiety reduction and more

Its 2 hours . This is for anyone and all levels who want to learn more about practical simple Qigong practice. These workshops provide a more in-depth look into Qigong, teach healing exercises and breathing exercises, provide guided meditation, healing sessions, etc.


Qigong Healing Workshops

Qigong Healing Workshops


We provide Qigong Healing Retreats. You will experience healing and transformation in all aspects of life especially reduce stress, anxiety and pain 

  1. Key focus are purifying & preparing, healing your Qi.
  2. Practice cultivating healthy Qi to ensure we are well equipped for each season. 
  3. Learn and hand on experience Qigong in a profound ways and enjoy the benefits of your investment. 
  4. Retreat locations are unique, zen, tranquil, and have a great ambiance to support our wellness retreat goals. 

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